Digital Signage Platform

digital signage platform

Digital Signage Platform is an application that allows its users to display certain videos, images, and advertisements on mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and monitors that serve as advertising material in shopping malls, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other institutions that have the ability to present this type of presentation. It is very easy to install and use. This application offers a number of display options, on one device, and can offer display on multiple devices at the same time. What makes it especially convenient is that you can set the display time and duration of certain content, and at the same time the user can be in any location and from his mobile device or computer, to adjust everything. So we can connect more different content in a certain period of time.

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to advertising material in shopping malls, restaurants, bus stations, and gas stations, so this application offers a truly state-of-the-art type of marketing. Good marketing is the key to the efficient business of all activities. A huge number of people circulate through bus stations, so bus and train stations are ideal for digital marketing. Clothing, footwear, jewelry, and various other stores can be advertised here, even at airports. Kindergartens, children’s playrooms, and foreign language schools nearby can be promoted at the location of your choice.

Will it suit me?

When it comes to Digital Signage we’ve got you covered! Almost every sector of business that crosses your mind can be an opportunity for Digital Signage.

Since the first indoor mall in the US opened in 1956, оr in the early 90s when it comes to Serbia, mall owners have been looking for new ways to set their shopping experience apart from the competition. Digital Signage for malls has quickly set itself apart as one of the most practical ways to redefine a retail space, and it can also be one of the most profitable. By showcasing your industry expertise, you can generate interest and even create buzz, which can help you attract new customers as well as get more business from your existing client base. Draw your customers’ attention using interesting content, recognizable colors, and unique merchandise. Our Digital Signage Platform includes the features your specialty retail store needs in point-of-sale software.

The restaurant industry comes with many opportunities to implement digital signage. Digital displays reduce perceived waiting times, improve customer experience, and maintain brand consistency. You can use our Digital Signage Platform to edit your prices, images, item descriptions, scrolling text, slideshows, videos… You can create an unlimited number of playlists with different layouts, for example, morning menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, happy hours menu, or even special events menus. For restaurants and coffee shops, there is a chance that our devices with our Digital Signage Platform will be placed on the tables and, in addition to the digital menu, you can advertise not only your own place but other vendors.

For example, if you are owning a food place, by ordering a certain meal your customers can scan a coupon for coffee provided by your partner coffee shop. This way, you are building a network of new consumers as well as new ones.

Using internal communications Inform Digital Signage, you can quickly begin to easily improve the way you share information. From old school meeting notes to inspiring and interactive plans! Save time by harnessing your teams’ collective knowledge into easy-to-find answers for everyone. Encourage all teams members to share announcements and develop strong company culture. For efficient employee management, it is important to collaborate with your team members and harness yourself with company knowledge.

Most travelers expect a comfortable hotel experience. So, with Inform Digital Signage, you can display check-in information, frequently asked questions, and highlight local attractions. Hotels can display check-in information on digital signage displays that is both easy to read and updated in real-time.

It can be used in schools in a variety of ways and to help teachers and professors improve their teaching performance with video and audio content. It is ideal for presenting some information that is important to students, as well as for parents, for example, when will be next teacher-parent meeting.

Museums, theaters, and galleries are social by nature, you are visiting them so you can feel like a part of an experience and with Inform Digital Signage Platform you can elevate their experience. Give visitors a clear path of interaction with the content you provide and do not forget about plenty of ways that you can bend time to make your venue more appealing!

When it comes to cinemas, using Inform Digital Platform, you can make a playlist that will advertise trailers for yet-to-come premieres and display them on different monitors and show them at a specific time every day to target specific audience and increase your revenue.

Retail CMC Features Overview

  • Stand-alonene or Cloud configuration
  • User-friendlyly and versatile
  • Flexible and customizable, adjustable, vertical and horizontal scalability
  • Has outstanding price/performance ratio and ROI in its category
  • Easy modifying Layouts (Regions)
  • Supports most of the media formats (JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, MPEG, AVI, WMV, SWF, MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, MKV, …)
  • Simply, powerful Scheduling and campaign management (including events Triggering)
  • The group displays management options
  • Central and/or Local control
  • Integrated displays analytics and control

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