From an Aspiring Intern to a Junior Developer

And I couldn’t agree more! Hello, welcome; my name is Dusan Dobranic, and I am a Junior Developer. Let me walk you through my journey of professional development at Inform Technologies. 

How did my Inform journey start? Well, it began with one simple email to Inform’s HR address, and a pleasant correspondence with the HR representative, Aleksandra. Soon after, I found myself in a meeting with the HR team, which consisted of two skilled professionals, Aleksandra and Ivana. In my opinion, the meeting went great because both sides got to introduce and present themselves, in a professional and, more importantly, transparent manner. Within a week, I received my confirmation email, with positive feedback, to my delight. In the same exchange, we scheduled another, more technical interview. During this interview, I was given the opportunity to display my skills. But I did more than that — I managed to convey my passion and enthusiasm for the job and everything that goes with it. 

Challenges Along the Way

During the internship, the first challenge I had to face was the fear of the unknown. Once I got to know my team as well as the other colleagues, I realized that there was nothing to be scared of. Now, after months of hard work and learning, I can confidently say that the majority of that fear was only in my head. 

The first real challenge was learning WordPress. Although I have never worked with WordPress before, I wanted to learn it as quickly as possible so that I could be more valuable and proactive to my team. 

In the beginning, I received some simple tasks, like removing some of the old content and uploading the new one. As the first week flew by, I found myself getting more and more comfortable. Soon I started creating entire pages by myself, and shortly after, websites followed. 

My next challenge is to try and master Java Script and, after that, hopefully, some JS frameworks such as React.

The True Value of a Mentor 

From the very first day at Inform, I was given a mentor, Milica, who was in charge of guiding and monitoring my professional development. She was amazing and seemed to know and understand all my struggles. Hungry for knowledge, I started following her everywhere. She took me under her wing — selflessly sharing her tips and tricks. In fact, whenever I needed help with a task, I knew I could rely on her for support. 

From my experience working in this company, all mentors are devoted and take their roles seriously. They will go far and beyond to make sure their interns flourish in a safe and friendly environment.

From Internship to Junior Developer

The journey from internship to Junior Dev position was shorter than I thought it would be. Oddly enough, it all started with a simple task. Slowly but surely, tasks became harder and harder; on my request, of course. I wanted to prove myself and evolve as much as possible, but it is important to mention that I was the one to set the pace. Nobody pressured me into anything, and I had full freedom and support to explore my limits. Due to this intense desire to learn and improve my skills, I stayed longer hours in the office, studying. I took the responsibility and initiative to get tasks and complete them to the best of my abilities. 

I guess my hard work paid off because, after a month, I was once again summoned into the HR office for a chat. Aleksandra (HR representative) presented me with excellent news — I got the job of Junior Web Developer. The very next day, I became a full-fledged member of the Inform family.

Learn and Develop With Support

As you start your internship, the company will provide you with your own computer and all the necessary equipment (multiple monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, headphones, etc.). Furthermore, they will support you in every way (enroll you in courses and start their own internal masterclasses and workshops) as long as it is related to your development as a programmer (coding skills or soft skills). 

For example, I asked for some courses and books as I felt they would help me advance. My wish was granted in no time. 

Similarly, the team leads (Jovana and Jelena) do their work efficiently and transparently. Every morning they conduct daily meetings, where each team member is assigned tasks and discusses their plans and deadlines for the day. The goal of these morning meetings is to enhance teamwork and clear out any doubts or issues. 

On that note, the company has clear policies and guidelines regarding resolving issues ASAP. So, if you ever encounter issues you feel you cannot solve on your own, don’t hesitate to voice them to your superiors or colleagues — they will make sure the problem is dealt with swiftly and in the most suitable manner. Contrary to some companies, Inform has your back.

Benefits of Working WITH Inform

One of the perks of being an employee at Inform is private health insurance. I really didn’t expect to have private health insurance, but every employee has one. 

In addition, the company has a Business Psychologist present at all times to help employees overcome any issues they may have. Or if you simply need someone to listen to you and offer some friendly advice. 

Moreover, the company organizes weekly workshops with a focus on communication and soft skill development. Each workshop is unique, and tackles topics employees find interesting and relevant to their profession as well as company culture.

Last but not least, if you worry about commuting to work, rest easy; transportation fees from and to work are paid by Inform.

Junior Developer: Recap

My story started with a simple “Hello,” and it will not end with “Goodbye.” Hopefully, my experience has helped you overcome your fears and make an informed decision. I can’t wait to greet you all as you take your first steps at Inform Technologies as aspiring interns. Don’t worry; you will have lots of helping hands on your journey, just like it was the case with me.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” (Aristotle)

Author: Dusan Dobranic (Web Developer)


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