Luggage Tracking Platform

Luggage Tracking System is Inform’s very own platform, designed to revolutionize baggage management primarily in the aviation industry. Our software answers numerous challenges faced by airlines, airports, and ground handlers when it comes to seamless journey of passengers’ belongings.

Handling the Baggage

In the intricate world of aviation, ensuring a seamless journey for passengers’ belongings is no small feat.  The complexity of delivering bags from point A to B often comes with challenges, leaving travelers anxious about the fate of their luggage.

Traditional baggage handling processes often leave room for:



misplaced items

Leading to a less-than-ideal travel experience for passengers.


Recognizing the critical importance of baggage management and its impact on passenger experience, airlines, airports, and ground handlers recognized the need for a new solution.

Luggage Tracking System is an innovative software solution designed to modernize luggage delivery processes. The platform leverages sophisticated technology to automate and streamline the entire luggage delivery journey, granting passengers full control and transparency over their baggage.


Centralized Management

Our platform serves as a centralized hub for managing luggage delivery, providing notifications from outgoing luggage to final delivery at the client’s specified address.

Automated Workflow

Streamline the entire luggage delivery journey with automated processes, from receiving notifications about outgoing luggage to successful delivery to clients.

Enhanced Delivery Control

Passengers gain unprecedented control, transparency, and management over their luggage delivery, tracking the journey from start to finish and minimizing anxiety associated with misplaced bags.

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Administration Module

Dispatcher Module

Invoicing and Credit Module

Mobile Application

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Mobile App Process

take control

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Reduce check-in time

Transparent Tracking

Fewer queues

Automated dispatching

Delivery tracking

Client management

Cost reduction

Regulation standards

Customer satisfaction

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