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An AI-driven platform designed to eliminate bias and streamline candidate selection in the hiring process.


Upon client’s request and recognizing opportunity for innovation, Inform Technologies worked to create an AI-driven platform designed to revolutionize the hiring process by eliminating bias and streamlining candidate selection. With a focus on removing personal information such as name, gender, nationality, age, and ethnicity from the equation, our platform aims to connect companies with the most suitable candidates based on essential criteria.

The Challenge

Traditional hiring processes are often based on various prejudices, leading to less than ideal matches between candidates and companies. Addressing this challenge requires a sophisticated solution that automates CV processing, ensuring fair and efficient matches while considering important factors such as technical skills, experience, and location.

The Solution

Our solution is a two-sided platform that caters to both companies and candidates. Companies can post job listings and specify preferences for potential candidates based on location, functionalities, and characteristics. Simultaneously, candidates fill out detailed forms, providing information about their skills, experience, and location preferences. The AI-driven system then analyzes these forms, excluding any sensitive information, and calculates a matching percentage.

The platform also allows companies to set a matching threshold for each job posting. Candidates surpassing this threshold become potential matches, and companies can proceed with further interviews. Additionally, candidates can proactively send requests to companies, but to do so, they need to earn credits based on successful referrals and registrations.


  • Reduced Bias: By excluding personal information, our platform promotes fair and unbiased candidate selection, fostering diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.
  • Efficient Matching: AI-driven analysis ensures that companies are connected with candidates who best fit their requirements, reducing the time and effort spent in the initial stages of the hiring process.
  • Proactive Candidate Engagement: Candidates have the opportunity to initiate contact with companies, creating a dynamic and interactive environment that benefits both parties.
  • Continuous Improvement: Companies can reject suggested matches, providing feedback and additional criteria to the AI. This iterative process helps refine the matching algorithm over time, leading to increasingly accurate results.

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