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A custom-made website for promoting and selling retail merchandise.

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When it comes to showcasing our skills in web development, Irvine Company gave us a project to create a holiday website for their online retail shop. The primary goal of the website was to advertise the company’s merchandise and promote special holiday discounts and sales on a daily basis for the month of December.

The website and its features were created by our web developers using WordPress custom solutions. The client provided the design and our mission was to fully implement all the ideas and make them functional. Each interactive animation, including the custom-made advent calendar and the countdown feature, was specially designed and optimized to fit the client’s vision and demands. Another example of the custom-made features we created includes a slider featuring the shop’s goods with a button which, when clicked, led to a pop-up window displaying a limited-time offer. Furthermore, all the features and interactive animations were made following user interface guidelines to ensure the best user experience and boost the company’s ROI.


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