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Baggage handling platform

Baggage Handling and Tracking

Baggage handling involves numerous steps from when a passenger checks in his or her bag, to when they retrieve it at the final destination. With the complex logistics in baggage handling, it is no surprise that things can and do go wrong. Various technologies can be deployed to address the logistics challenge as well as unique capabilities to gain far greater visibility and support the processes on the ground.

What is luggage delivery service? It’s peace of mind. We’ve made it our mission to create great price points that match our impeccable service, and we’re ready to impress you. You can leave your luggage in good hands and count on it being at your destination when you arrive.

The baggage handling and tracking solution from Inform Technologies introduces purpose-specific read points, an intelligent data management platform, and an integrated deployment and monitoring service. The solution is designed to support end-to-end tracking and handling of the bag throughout the baggage journey.





Logistic platform that manage receiving, transferring and delivering of each package with minimal effort

Large companies receive volumes of registered mail and package each day. The average package tracking system can easily show you when these items were accepted. The challenge is knowing where they went after being received

Our package tracking System uses a tracking barcode to receive, transfer and deliver each item with minimal effort. It also includes the power to follow the trail of incoming registered mail and package after they are receipted.

Simple, effective, and quick-to-implement

Packet management and tracking system

Efficient Delivery On time

RETAIL CMS - remotely managed media

Digital signage platform which provides centralized digital content management

Retail CMS is centralized digital content management distribution platform that provides user to organize campaigns and exact model of the content presentation on each connected device. The platform presents applications, content, distribution and device management system as a unique market solution.

Retail CMS technology allows you to create flashy, eye-catching displays tailored to your unique audience. Digital signs can display a far greater variety of content then paper, allowing you to convey a strong, consistent brand message to shoppers. Retail CMS platform provides business many different uses of digital signage to accomplish a variety of goals.

Upload Content


Publish content to selected locations

WERK 4.0

Eliminate mistakes in manual picking processes

WERK 4.0 is a platform that use deterministic methodology of analyzing shop floor industry production. The platform eliminates mistakes in a manufacturing or logistics operation at source before they can occur. Picking parts is one of the most significant causes of mistakes in assembly Operations. Typical problems include picking the wrong parts with a similar shape or name, picking and assembling parts out of sequence, or simply missing a part from a sequence.

With the WERK 4.0 in place, the automation system guides the worker to the correct parts bin, perhaps by simply lighting an indicator next to the correct picking location, or by opening a shutter and requiring an operator acknowledgement of the successful pick of the correct part.

The sheer variety of the terminals available makes WERK 4.0 solution suitable for almost any application.

Increased operator performance

Improved shop floor industry machines utilization

Minimize production line unproductiveness