What We Do

Building creative products, activating ideas and growing companies

We provide clients with a full suite of digital services, covering digital strategy, user experience, creative, engineering and implementation across mobile, web and social media channels. Inform is focused on helping our clients to achieve the business value of emerging technologies.


Application and System Management encompass the majority of the application life cycle. After being released to production, software products require constant supervision and support in order to resolve and prevent incidents.
Local development is costly, while offshore development can be difficult to execute effectively, particularly for mid-sized companies. The increasing trend towards Agile development is hampered both by a shortage of skilled professional in Western Europe and by communication difficulties when working with teams from Asia due to differences in culture, views on communication and, of course, time zones.
Inform strongly believes that the quality of software is based on synergy of all the parties involved in the effort: Development, Testing and IT Operations. Continuous testing is of fundamental importance when implementing Continuous Delivery or Deployment.
To design or change the architecture of an information system, one needs a “helicopter view” of both what the organization needs at that moment and will need in the future, whereby valuable past inputs must be preserved
Modern software development processes require involvement of the IT Operations element from the very start of the development project. IT Operations is the enabler of automated delivery of the software through Continuous Delivery practices.
Our dedicated support service helps our customers quickly create their own solution.