Smart Detection
AI-Based Platform

In recent years, the parking industry has faced
numerous challenges, including inefficient space
utilization, revenue leakage, and customer
dissatisfaction. Traditional parking management
systems often rely on outdated technology and manual
processes, leading to inefficiencies and frustrations for
both parking operators and customers.

Revolutionize your parking lot management and reap
the benefits with Smart Detection. Our software solution
simplifies parking management for both parking
administration as well as drivers.

Furthermore, the solution can be applied to private and
residential parking spaces as well garages and boost
efficiency, optimize vehicle occupancy management
and increase customer satisfaction.



Parking Guidance System

  • Guides drivers to available parking areas.
  • Guides drivers to available parking areas.

Fee Enforcement

  • Offers versatile integration options.
  • Seamlessly integrates with barrier gates, ticket machines, and meters.
  • Functions as standalone fee enforcement, even without barrier gates..


  • Monitors the movement of individuals and vehicles.
  • Detects an object’s presence in specific areas.
  • Learns to recognize and track custom objects.

Counting Objects in Image

  • Tallies the number of objects in images.
  • Counts moving objects.

AI System

  • Detects vehicle on a parking space.
  • Detects a registration plate of a vehicle if possible.
  • Detects model and type of vehicle.

Park Smarter,
Save Time
with Smart Detection Camera Solution

Reduced traffic congestion

Improved user experience

Increased parking efficiency


Environmental benefits

Revenue generation

Data-driven decision-making

Real-Time Data

Real-time Parking Availability Information

  • Cameras monitor parkingspaces.
  • Aggregates data into acentral platform.
  • Provides real-time

Number of Vehicles

  • Displays the number ofoccupied and availablespaces within a parkingarea at any given time.

Historical Data Storage

  • Checks the status ofparking spaces at any givenmoment by reviewinghistorical data.

Parking Management

  • Streamlines parking facilityoperations.
  • Enables efficient spaceallocation and monitoring.

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Transforming private and public parking operations at its core with our advanced AI camera-based solution for seamless, real-time parking management.

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Smart Detection​

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