Our dedicated support service helps our customers quickly create their own solution

From Idea To Solution

Inform Technologies team develops one-of-a-kind software solution following our clients’ requests.
Our devotion to fulfill our clients needs with established processes and procedures provides our clients stability and possibility to rely in the agreed product and service delivery. At Inform, over 80% of our work that we do for our clients is being performed on the revenue side of our clients. This means that it is essential that Inform teams have the same goals as our clients when executing joint projects. Inform is a trusted IT service and outsourcing provider with delivery center in Eastern Europe. Our teams adaptable sizes provide us with advantages that we can completely assimilate to work with your business in a method that is efficient and effective. We have developers, testers, consultants and project/service managers who can really understand your challenges.

Hybrid Delivery Model

Inform Technologies has adopted a Hybrid Delivery Model which combines on-site and nearshore representation. By adopting a Hybrid Delivery Model, we believe to have successfully met most of well-known service delivering challenges, such as language barrier, cultural differences and inability to meet “face-to-face”. The on-site representatives can assist and advise our customers in their native language so that optimum understanding of the Customer’s business processes can be achieved. For Maintenance and Support, the near-shore representatives are the service delivery managers, who are responsible for the initial process setup between the customer organization and Inform and for the continuous management of the agreed service levels, representation combined on-site and nearshore.

Finding the best methods

The main reason for failure in outsourced software projects is the lack of a clear and agreed engagement methodology. Based on its practical experience Inform Technologies has developed an optimized working model that ensures the clear definition, understanding and meeting of the system requirements, quality of the work throughout the entire process and an efficient communication between all parties involved.


The project delivery methodology is optimized for small to medium sized engagements and organizations as proven to be the most efficient delivery model. We are practicing different models of agile and project management methodologies (PMP, PRINCE2) for the project delivery to avoid the overhead and cost of large and unwieldy all-purpose models.

For the service support both IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Application Services Library (ASL) methodologies are in place.

Application and system management

Application and System Management encompass the majority of the application life cycle. After being released to production, software products require constant supervision and support in order to resolve and prevent incidents.

Software development

Our software development teams are composed of skilled, responsible and efficient professionals, ready to provide technical assessment as a part of the project evaluation and to timely deliver agreed set of deliverables. Our team proficiently overcoming communication and distance related challenges practicing proven project management methodologies tailored to provide success on all our projects.


We strongly believe that the quality of software is based on synergy of all the parties involved in the effort: Development, Testing and IT Operations. Our testing engineers adjust testing methodology for each project independently that provides the best project quality results.

Software architecture

To design or change the architecture of an information system, one needs a “helicopter view” of both what the organization needs at that moment and will need in the future, whereby valuable past inputs must be preserved. We are providing triage of the solution approach challenging the result and architecture approach.

IT operations

Modern software development processes require involvement of the IT Operations element from the very start of the development project. IT Operations is the enabler of automated delivery of the software through Continuous Delivery practices.


Our dedicated support service helps our customers quickly create their own solution.