Achieving MVP: From Our Perspective

The focus of this text is more on sharing my experience with you, than talking about the technical process. That way, you will get a better (more personal) insight from a member of the team.

But firstly, I am happy to share some great news — the BusinessWideView app is live.

I cannot say it was an easy task to achieve, because it wasn’t. It was a challenge for all of us.

The path to MVP consists of several key steps, which we successfully completed:

  • establish trust with the client;
  • make a connection and develop open and transparent communication ;
  •  anticipate the client’s needs;
  • understand the problem and bring an acceptable solution (role of a problem solver);
  • collaborate with all parties involved in the project. 

Our motto during the realization of the project was “Go niche before you go wide!” I can personally relate to these words because the woman who said them (Melania Perkins) is a well-known and accomplished businesswoman.

However, at times, it was hard to follow the motto as we all were very ambitious, both sides included. Naturally, the client’s passion and initiative are understandable (they want the best possible solution), and on the part of our development team, we believed in the project idea and sought to see it through to the end. In other words, we all wanted a solution that covered all possible problems.

And that is nice; people give effort, but…sometimes we need to take it easy; this is MVP.

All in all, we learned a lot and it was a great experience collaborating with a client from Canada BusinessWideView 

Author: Jovana Dedic (Software Developer and Team Lead)


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