Summiting Success: Rtanj Team-Building Adventure

Eureka, we did it! With all our fingers and toes intact, might I add. You may be wondering, “What is she talking about?” Well, for my story to make sense, we need to take a few steps back and start from the beginning. 

As the HR at Inform Technologies, I’ve always understood and stressed the importance of team cohesion, communication, and companionship. So, when the opportunity arose for our team to embark on our newest team-building adventure to the enchanting Rtanj mountain, I knew it was a chance we couldn’t pass up. Join me as I take you through our journey, which proved that team building isn’t just about reaching new heights – it’s about building stronger bonds.

Friday: The Minibus Journey and Sokobanja Arrival

With the workweek behind us, we boarded a minibus on Friday evening, leaving the office behind and embracing the adventure that lay ahead. Our destination? The charming apartment complex in Sokobanja, where we would call home for the next couple of days. 

Dinner and the Pub: A Taste of Culture

Our first night in Sokobanja was all about immersing ourselves in the local culture. We tried out some delicious food, savoring the flavors and engaging in conversations that went beyond the workplace. Afterward, we ventured to the local pub for some well-deserved beers, where stories flowed as freely as the drinks. Not to mention, there were some friendly connections and sparks flying around.

Saturday Morning: Burek for Breakfast, Šiljak in Sight

Saturday dawned bright and early, with the enticing aroma of burek beckoning us to the breakfast table. As we fueled up for the day, we summarized the events from the previous evening and discussed our goal: conquering the towering Šiljak peak of Rtanj. Little did we know that this climb would mirror the challenges we often face in our professional lives.

Conquering Šiljak: Teamwork in Action

The climb was an arduous one, filled with steep trails and rugged terrain. Just like in the office, we separated into teams, communicated, strategized, and relied on each other’s strengths to overcome various obstacles. Step by step, we progressed, reaching the peak not as individuals but as a united team. It was a moment of triumph, both for conquering the mountain and for the bonds we had forged. With the help from rakia, of course.

Feasting at Zelengora and Dancing the Night Away

Following our successful ascent, we took a well-deserved break before heading to one of Sokobanja’s finest restaurants, Zelengora. There, we indulged in a sumptuous feast, savoring every bite and celebrating our achievement as a team. As the night wore on, we hit the local club, where our dance moves were as impressive as our teamwork.

Sunday Morning: Breakfast Leftovers and Homeward Bound

Sunday morning was a leisurely affair, as we snacked on the leftovers from our extravagant dinner. With full stomachs and hearts filled with memories and laughter, we boarded the minibus once more, heading back home to Novi Sad.

Summarizing Rtanj: Team-Building at Its Finest

All in all, our Rtanj adventure wasn’t just about hiking – it was about climbing new heights as a team. We laughed, bonded, and faced challenges together, returning to the office as a more closely-knit unit. It is important that the lessons learned on the mountain translate into improved communication, teamwork, and camaraderie within our company. Our journey to Rtanj taught us that team-building isn’t just an abstract concept — it’s a powerful tool that can transform a group of colleagues into a cohesive and resilient team ready to face and overcome any challenge that comes our way.


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