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A baggage handling platform for tracking and handling passenger luggage at airports.


Unfortunately, most passengers experienced some sort of baggage mishandling at an airport at least once in their lives. With accuracy and convenience in mind, Inform Technologies came up with a solution to help eliminate incidents at baggage claim. Baggage Handling and Tracking Platform is a system that addresses all logistics challenges involving passenger luggage. The platform helps monitor and handle passenger baggage from the check-in point to reclaim upon arrival at the final destination. 

What makes our system stand out from the rest is its intelligent data management, integrated deployment and monitoring service, as well as purpose-specific read points. Furthermore, by utilizing several technologies, it offers greater visibility and supports the entire baggage handling process while on land. Last but not least, the platform’s great price point matches its impeccable service, which can help airlines boost revenue. Simply put, with our Baggage Handling Platform, passengers can rest easy and enjoy their flight knowing their luggage is in good hands.


  • End-to-end tracking and handling system
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Greater visibility
  • Integrated deployment and monitoring service
  • Intelligent data management

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