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A baggage handling platform for tracking and handling passenger luggage at airports.


In the intricate world of aviation, ensuring a seamless journey for passengers’ belongings is no small feat. The complexity of delivering bags from point A to B often comes with challenges, leaving travelers anxious about the fate of their luggage. Recognizing the critical importance of baggage management and its impact on passenger experience, airlines, airports, and ground handlers recognized the need for a new solution. Here steps in Inform Technologies, a dedicated software development partner, with an answer — the Luggage Tracking System.

The Challenge

Baggage management represents a significant investment priority for aviation stakeholders, driven by the need to optimize operational efficiency and alleviate passenger concerns. Traditional baggage handling processes often leave room for errors, delays, and misplaced items, leading to a less-than-ideal travel experience for passengers. To address these issues, Inform Technologies in collaboration with Airport Service VIE embarked on a mission to create a complete software solution that would transform luggage management, delivery control, and provide passengers with peace of mind regarding their belongings.

The Solution 

Inform Technologies, a dedicated software development company, unveiled the Luggage Tracking System — an innovative software solution designed to modernize luggage delivery processes. This platform leverages sophisticated technology to automate and streamline the entire luggage delivery journey, granting passengers full control and transparency over their baggage.

Key Features

Centralized Management: The LTS platform serves as a centralized hub for managing luggage delivery, from receiving notifications about sent luggage to the final delivery to the client’s specified address.

Automated Workflow: The platform’s workflow starts with receiving notifications from airport companies about outgoing luggage, guiding the process until orders are successfully delivered to clients.

Enhanced Delivery Control: Passengers gain an unprecedented level of control and management over their luggage delivery, tracking the journey from start to finish and minimizing the anxiety associated with misplaced bags.


  • Operational Excellence: The LTS platform transforms luggage management into a well-coordinated, automated process, minimizing possible errors and delays.
  • Passenger Confidence: By providing real-time tracking and transparency, the platform significantly reduces passenger worries and uncertainties regarding their luggage.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Automated processes streamline operations, resulting in cost savings and improved efficiency for airlines, airports, ground handlers, and most importantly passengers.
  • Seamless Integration: The LTS platform seamlessly integrates with existing airport systems, ensuring a smooth transition and quick adoption.


Inform Technologies and Airport Service VIE’s joint solution, the Luggage Tracking System, has redefined luggage management, elevating passenger experiences and optimizing operational efficiency. By embracing advanced technology and providing passengers with unprecedented control, the platform empowers Vienna Airport to deliver a journey marked by convenience, confidence, and reliability.

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