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An agriculture platform for connecting farmers and ranchers.

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Business Wide View, BWV for short, is a platform and app with the goal of connecting farmers and ranchers. The platform allows ranchers, farmers, and consumers to efficiently exchange valuable agriculture information, form collaborations, and connect outside the traditional channels. One of the ideas was to create a platform that would serve not only for information but also as a social media network. On the other hand, the BWV app consists of four main modules: AG Network, Buy & Sell, Markets and Events. The four models allow consumers to get accurate real-time data and analyze market reports. In addition, they are easy to access and user-friendly.

For this project, Inform Technologies was in charge of full-cycle product development. Our tasks included planning, designing and ideation, development, quality assurance and testing, along with operations and deployment. As the platform and app are fully operational, our team of experts are currently overseeing maintenance and updates. In addition, we are responsible for BWV’s business and strategy development as well as digital marketing operations.


  • Network / Feed
  • Buy and Sell
  • Markets
  • Weekly Report
  • Chat
  • Events
  • Advertising 

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