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A centralized platform for publishing content to remote devices.


In the ever-growing world of retail advertising, the Retail CMS’s Digital Signage Platform emerges as the newest commodity. This versatile and robust content management software is designed to streamline digital advertising efforts while delivering engaging and informative content to target audiences. Inform Technologies proudly spearheaded the development of this platform, transforming the way businesses display and distribute information, images, videos, text, and animations.

The Challenge

In the era of digital transformation, businesses in various industries face the challenge of effectively managing and distributing digital content to diverse locations. Traditional print ads, menus, and posters have limitations in delivering real-time information and engaging audiences. The challenge was to create a solution that could centralize content management, support multiple media formats, and empower businesses to efficiently promote products and services in a dynamic manner.

The Solution

Inform Technologies took charge of the development of the Retail CMS’s Digital Signage Platform, a versatile and powerful content management software designed for digital promotions. This platform offers centralized content management and distribution to remote location devices, allowing businesses to share various forms of digital content seamlessly.

Key Features and Functionalities

Multi-Tenant Solution: Enables businesses to set up the platform as a standalone solution, branded according to their identity.

Asset Management: Allows users to upload and control digital materials in various formats, from images and videos to text and animations.

Playlist Management: Facilitates the creation, review, and organization of playlists, grouping multiple assets into a single group.

Layout Management: Provides predefined templates for screen layouts and the ability to add assets and playlists to enhance content presentation.

Advertising Layout: Offers priority scheduling for message or ad displays, allowing businesses to override existing campaigns at specific times.

Campaign Management: Supports time-scheduled content display, providing better visibility and schedule management through a calendar view.

Display Management: Enables users to manage the display network, offering both vertical and horizontal scalability of screens.

Platform and Device Monitoring: Provides an administrative platform for monitoring and maintaining units, adaptable to all devices.


  • Tailored visual content: Retail CMS platform empowers businesses to craft visually appealing digital content customized for their specific target audiences. This tailored approach ensures that the right message reaches the right people at the right time.
  •  Real-Time Information Dissemination: With the platform, businesses can provide real-time information about events, special offers, and other important updates. This immediacy enhances customer engagement and keeps audiences informed instantly.
  •  Enhanced Content Diversity: Unlike traditional advertising methods, Retail CMS enables businesses to diversify their content. It offers a dynamic canvas for showcasing products and services, resulting in stronger viewer engagement.
  •  Efficient Brand Promotion: The platform facilitates efficient promotion of products and brands. Whether it’s highlighting new arrivals, seasonal discounts, or brand identity, Retail CMS ensures that advertising efforts are both effective and visually compelling.
  •  Increased Foot Traffic: Engaging content displayed on high-definition screens has the potential to draw more foot traffic into physical stores. This not only increases brand visibility but also creates opportunities for higher sales.
  •  Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for design and printing costs associated with traditional advertising methods, Digital Signage Platform helps businesses save significantly on their advertising budgets.
  •  Timely Information Delivery: The platform excels in delivering the right information at the right time. Businesses can update content in real-time to reflect changing circumstances or promotions, ensuring that viewers receive the latest information.
  •  Passive Entertainment: While customers wait, the solution provides a passive form of entertainment. This keeps them engaged and relaxed, improving the overall shopping experience.
  •  Simultaneous Content Updates: Managing content across multiple locations is simplified with Digital Signage. Businesses can update content simultaneously across different sites, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
  •  Additional Revenue Opportunities: The platform offers additional revenue opportunities through partner ad displays. Businesses can collaborate with partners to showcase their products and services, generating extra income.
  • Targeted and Effective Advertising: The solution facilitates targeted and effective advertising of products and services. It ensures        that the right message reaches the right audience, increasing consumer engagement and conversion rates.

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